Case Study
TELECOM BILLING : PLD ENGINE (Telco Service of RULE ENGINE) implementation in major Telco
Existing Billing Application of Telecom Organization
  • Platform : Unix
  • Billing Engine Coding Language : C
  • Database/Backend : RDBMS
  • Along with this there was some set of middleware to communicate with database.
Tariff plans were created and managed from the windows front end which was able to handle
The normal scenarios in rating and invoicing.
Problem with existing application and database

When new business idea or new plan has to be introduced there are certain problems
  • Sometimes logic required to run new idea would not supported in Code
  • Sometimes database would not support new parameters to be used for the new idea
  • Each and every small business requirement change takes time
  • Windows application supports creation and management of tariff plans one by
    one hence for every variationit takes time to create new plan
This would result in coding/ changes in database, testing, writing directly to database to save time etc.
Solution provided by RULE ENGINE

Mechsoft’s PDL System now sits on top of their application and provides following functionalities,
Introduced concept of business entity inheritance using which creating a new tariff plan matter of a few seconds in simple cases and minutes in case of complexities. For a minor variation, they now just need to derive the new plan from existing one, and it would inherit all the qualities of the parent plan. This is not a copy of the plan, and is actual inheritance. In case they need to make a change to a set of plans, they now can just define the new change at the parent level, and all the derived plans inherit this change. Their application and billing process involved separate phases, and batch processes for Rating an individual call, and Invoice generation.

PDL system allows passes to be defined as and when required. For the current need there are rating and invoicing passes and they can add multiple passes like printing etc… whenever required.

Information Wizard
Information wizard is an intelligent and integral part of Rule Engine through which we can create new parameter or even new schema and can define the relation of it with other schemas without help or intervention of IT people, this solve the critical situation where we want to introduce new fields or new tables in the database to make my new business plan live.