• Do we need to replace our existing application ?
    Absolutely not! Though this is an option that can be exercised. Rule engine System can work on top of your existing application, and your existing data structures.
  • Would this mean making changes to our source code ?    Do we have to share code with you ?
    No! This application can work independently. Of course you need to share some information (at least what you desire!) for the best usage, but you don't need to expose your code to us, or make drastic changes. You will get a set of APIs to handle the rejuvenated application capabilities.
  • Do I have a choice of reverting back to my old system ?
    This is very interesting feature! You can revert back any moment you wish. In fact, you can run the old and new system in parallel and start switching to the new idea in steps.
  • What about my existing interface ?
    You can do your old style stuff with your interface. But for rule engine System, you will need to switch over to our Interface for Plan setup, and you will be happy to do so !
  • What if we still need to do additional coding and integrates with current application ?
    You can very well do that. In fact you can create new functionality / even New Keywords and use them in the system when needed.
  • Can we call external functionality from the Rules / Scripting Language ?
    Yes! You need to write the external functionality in a protocol given by us, and you can access this functionality from Rule script.
  • What if I still find something that is NOT POSSIBLE after implementing Rule Engine?
    We don't claim that the system can match human intellect ! But most probably, there is a way in the system you have not explored, which you can consult with Mechsoft and find. Otherwise Mechsoft is committed to keep improving the system, whenever required, and even otherwise.
  • Can this system be used with any application and any domain ?
    This is a Generic Rule Based Engine. This would work with ANY APPLICATION IN ANY DOMAIN. Any application that needs to handle changing scenario, and needs to be dynamic, would find Rule Engine of great help. If you think your application may need to adapt to new business logic, then this would be a great solution for you.
    You could make your applications in HR Management/ Payroll, ERP, Data Flow management system in to Rule based applications with Mechsoft's Rule Engine.