Features of PDL System
Features -
  • Can work with any existing application, or can work independently.
  • Billing process includes Call Rating, Invoicing (normally a monthly process), printing of invoices etc. These can be defined as passes in PDL system.
  • Makes Plans, Groups of services, Charging Logic in to objects that can be inherited.
  • Anything you can not fit in the current code logic, can be referred to the PDL script, which is a powerful and adaptable tool, which supports simple rule definitions to complex logic writing along with database access.
  • You can define Plan Hierarchy, and once this is done, creating anything new becomes a small job. Just inherit from the right plan, and make necessary change.
  • Independent layer for PDL System and Data exchange control unit, to keep the existing system intact and unaffected by any changes happening in PDL, thus limiting the testing cycles to only the changes done via PDL system.
  • Ability to give sweeping rules that can override all existing rules and logic, for specific cases.
  • Highly efficient: Adding intelligence to application does not result in slowing down as would normally be expected. In fact in most cases, this would result in great deal of reduction in Data sizes.
  • Very intuitive interface for Setup of Plans. This is a complete Plan/ Package Setup application on Windows Platform, that helps easy management and creation of Plans.
  • Interface for Setting up of, Services, Groups, Rates, and Sets of Numbers.
  • Interface for managing Value Added Services, International calls.
  • PDL Interface also gives Plan Hierarchy Tree viewer. This 8helps managing/ searching Plans, Groups much easier.
  • Your application can be broken in to multiple passes, and you can have
  • different sets of logic for each of the application Pass.