The Need
Today, businesses involve many complex operations, and it is inevitable that some information management solution is used to manage the business.
Any corporate operation is aided with some business automation solution, be it Finance, HR management, Billing, Point of Sales, Inventory or document management.

To Win In Business you need,
  • To Handle Many complex operations
  • Always Stay on top of business to win in the competitive business
  • To Adapt new situation and introduce new concepts frequently
And the major one is,
Thought to reality conversion time should be as minimum as possible !!!
Problem of Managing complex business requirements in existing applications
  • All business processes are managed by enterprise solutions
  • All business processes- constant need to manage change
  • Enterprise applications are tightly coupled with each other and any business change in any one application involves series of changes in others.
  • For every change You end up going through the complete cycles of defining requirement, making changes, testing and parallel run of the application.
What WE NEED to WIN in Today's Business Competition,
  • solution that will make your application flexible and easy to adapt
  • have a system, where the change process takes little time, and the dependency on coding is minimal.
  • have Systems that understand Logic, Systems that understand Rules! The need is to have a rule engine that can simplify requirement to changes in the system !
  • Minimum Transition Efforts- Suppose a totally new application is to be used, the transition from existing ‘working application’ would take a lot of time, and stress.
    It involves trials, parallel runs, and still the end result may not be satisfactory.