The Examples of Flexibility
Can your Billing application do this ?
Think of various possibilities that you may have desired, or may need in future.
Thing if your application can seamlessly handle the following ?   
What kind of effort would it take? If this sounds like some effort, then PDL
  • You now have flat rates for International calls. Now you need to have peak time and off peak times for all international calls. May be you also need to control these based on each plan, and you need to give international Friend and Family number to some countries!
  • You introduce some new application, say for customer loyalty management, which has some loyalty points, and also need to have credit status management integrated. You now need to use these parameters within you billing application.
  • You have ability to give rates of a particular Airtime (service) based on flat rate/ step rating etc. (e.g. first five minutes at 3 Rupee a minute, next five minutes at 2 and after that 1.5 rupees a minute) Now you want that your customer should feel like talking more, and for every 1 minute of talking, he knows he has 1 minute free to talk. (Or for x minute of call, y minutes free!)
  • Each minute of call costs say x times the previous call. This way the more the subscriber uses, the cheaper the calls.
  • Similarly, say first call charged, and if second call is smaller than the first call, then the second call becomes free!
  • Introduce some interesting promotion (say free calls to greet fellow mobile users to greet) on certain event (say Independence day) irrespective of what Plan you are using … making this change only for a period time and working across all subscribers.
  • Events leading to discounts: Use 100 SMS and you get 10 more free.
  • Linking of events of one entity to affect another entity: A calls B, giving B something from this event.
  • Group size dependent discounts: So as the group goes on becoming bigger (say corporate customer) the discounts start building.
  • There can be many interesting options that can be thought of ones you have the possibility of doing them easily using your Billing System. Alternately, Mechsoft, having good Telecom domain knowledge, can give you ideas and concepts to be used with PDL System, for winning in the competitive marke